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Maintenance for Diesel generator
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Shandong Huaquan Power Co., Ltd. is an important manufacturer of diesel generators, the main production of diesel generating units, Weifang diesel generating units, welcome to inquire for our products.Let me introduce the diesel generator maintenance work:

First, diesel generators quarterly maintenance
1, check the air flow resistance indicator, when it display red, need clean air filter;
2, release diesel water, cleaning the first stage diesel filter;
3, You need to pay attention to lubrication fan pulley and belt tension wheel bearings;
4, check the speed of mechanical protection device lubrication oil level, pls add more when the lack of fuel;
5. Check the tightening of the external main connecting bolts.

Second, the annual maintenance of diesel generating units
1, with the electrician in parallel with the load operation, check the operation;
2, with the electrical simulation test the performance of the safety protection device;
3, measuring axis, open the file, and make a record;
4, demolition inspection cover observation and inspection of shaft and cylinder;
5, medication cleaning cooling system (notify the water treatment workers with);
6, check the oil quality, if need replaced them;
7, cleaning the second stage diesel filter;
8, cleaning machine oil filter;
9, after the operation of every 500 hours need add the following items:
A, replace the second stage diesel filter cartridge;
B, replace the oil;
C, check the cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts tightness;
D, check the calibration valve clearance, fuel injection timing and make a record;
E, injector test pressure, adjustment.

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