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How to slow down the diesel generator parts wear
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How to slow down the diesel generator parts wear
Diesel generator set diesel engine work, many parts under certain load relative sliding or rotating at high speed, such as the piston and cylinder liner, crankshaft and bearing, etc. The surface of the parts while there are different levels of lubrication, but with the increase of working time, mutual contact surface is due to the friction and wear, undermine the original size and geometry shape. The normal wear and tear is often referred to as "wear and tear".
In fact is inevitable. But this is not to say, we are powerless to wearing away, listen to the nature. In fact through the correct choice to cooperate with each other parts of the material, the use of advanced and reasonable heat treatment method, the improvement of contact surface parts processing quality and cooperate with the condition, improving cooling and lubrication, timely maintenance to take active measures, this will significantly reduce the wear and tear, and thus improve the working reliability of diesel engine, prolong service life.
So, to the rational use of diesel engine, reduce the wear parts, must be from the following several aspects:
1. The reasonable selection of diesel engine operating condition.
2. Improve the quality of diesel engine running-in.
3. Choose suitable for the engine work needs fuel and lubricating oil.
4. Improve the level of operation technology, timely maintenance.
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